G-Spot Fucking Tried And Tested

By | February 17, 2009

Some women claim to never have experienced a g-spot orgasm. It is believed that the reason for this could be the g-spot isn’t pronounced enough to be stimulated when being fucked. This has resulted in a UK clinic offering the G-Shot, which basically involves a specialist injecting your g-spot to make it swell.

I wrote a post about this last April you can read it here The results of this aren’t permanent and the shot itself is expensive. But I can understand girls wanting to give it a try, you can feel like you are missing out on things which are widely reported as being pleasurable. In some ways perhaps even feel slightly abnormal, when you really aren’t.

But you don’t have to undertake such drastic action to help you achieve those elusive g-spot orgasms. I have found a way which works for me and could for you too. The key to this is stimulation and pre sex orgasms.

Let me explain. Although there is no direct link between the clitoris and the g-spot I have discovered through practice that if you have a clitoral orgasm before you fuck your partner the g-spot is massively engorged and therefore easier to stimulate.

Following clitoral orgasm I can feel Alex enter me and massage my g-spot straight away. I must be so swollen that it would be difficult for him not to make contact with it. Within a few strokes I am already approaching climax.

It would be interesting if someone out there could test this theory and let me know if it worked for them. I always opt for the non invasive methods if there is one. 😉