Can You Have Too Much Screwing?

By | February 17, 2009

As the days pass by uneventfully I am beginning to settle down in to my new office and try to put thought of the Bully to the back of my mind. Although I still feel anxious and a little unsettled at the thought he has to crack and go back to his old ways soon. I am trying to be positive in order to get through the day.

With the passage of time I’m hoping I won’t feel like that anymore. In a way moving in to that office has been like facing my own personal demons. That may be a good thing in the long run because it is far better to face them head on than avoid them as I have been doing for the last 2 years of my employ with the company.

The other two in the office are beginning to open up to me now they are working directly with me. I knew them in passing before so it is really like working for a new company in respect of the new office and colleagues.

Gobshite amuses me the most, with the crap he comes out with and the odd gem. Like today I don’t know how we got on to the subject but it was probably down to me. 😉 he said to me that he had been with his girlfriend for two years now and that when it was all new they were at it all the time.

Tomboy and I laughed. “So what is it like now”, I inquisitively asked knowing that normally this guy will have done something better than you. You know the type. But he quite honestly admitted that things have dried up.

He said “Some weeks she is jumping on me every day and others she isn’t interested or she will wake me in the night”. “She is totally unpredictable and we don’t do it much”.

We both empathised with an Aghhhh! Then just to run it in I said “Alex and I have it at least once a day”. I know, I couldn’t resist. Lol You should have seen his face it was a picture. Before the month is out I’m hoping they will be revealing their dirty little secrets. 😉