Vermont Takes A Sex Break

By | February 18, 2009

I was amused to read the following story.

The Vermont Country Store known for its good homely brands has extended its range to sex toys. This has angered customers of the catalogue and website. To me it seems like product diversity in an already suffering market place.

The decision to extend the product range to include items such as Kegel exercisers, vibrators and arousal cream has brought about angry letters and cancellations.

Lyman Orton, 67 added the new items to the catalogue under the heading of Intimate Solutions last summer.

Customers wrote

“The intimate massagers are certainly not what will uplift the youth of America but instead will lead them to be perverted pleasure seekers,” one letter said. “Please rethink what you are doing.”


“I am one of the women who respects her God-given human femininity,” another wrote, in longhand. “These items are offensive to me.”

Given the response from some of his customers Orton and his three sons who are partners in the business are having a rethink.

Personally I think he should continue the range. It isn’t on the front page, in fact you have to dig deep in to the site to find them. I say don’t let a few wingers spoil it for the rest. Go Orton! 😉