Getting Dirty In The Office

By | February 19, 2009

I May Have Corrupted Them! 😉

The dynamics are changing in the office. Today I actually managed to involve as many as possible in some naughty chat. It wasn’t started by me for once. Shrek who I told you about the other week, came in to our office and started chatting and following a chance remark from Gobshite about me being naughty kicked the whole thing off.

I had mentioned earlier that a woman doesn’t reach her peak at 30 at all because I have been in a constant one for years. This had him rolling about. He said I ought to talk to his girlfriend because he is waiting. Given that they are both in their early 20’s it is going to be a long wait. Lol

So Shrek started to tell us how he worked with a guy who wore suspenders and had one day discovered a couple of interesting bags in the back of his car. He went on to say that he had noticed them as he was getting out of his car which was parked next to the other guys.

“He had a couple of bags with sex toys in them”, he added “There was even a plastic fanny in the bag”.

At just the right moment the fucking phone started ringing and I had to pick an internal call. I couldn’t believe it. They had just started to get chating and my phone goes. Hurriedly I got rid of the caller so that I could continue the conversation. It was too late he had gone.

I remarked to Gobshite and Tomboy that he may have worked for a party planning company in his spare time. Gobshite then came over and started telling me how there is a massive profit margin in adult toys and that he had considered retailing them online.

He then went on to tell me all about drop ship companies and how he could make a fortune with the right site. I just sat there pretending to be slightly innocent. The he started talking about stocking up on rabbits like an online store he had seen.

Tomboy then chirped up that she had been to a few parties and had enjoyed them. I pointed out that it would be great to get the chance to try them out for free. She added that they did get the odd ones to test.

I couldn’t believe it they were talking about a subject I know inside out now and I had to pretend that I knew nothing much about it.

I’m sure that Gobshite must have tried out a few toys, he seemed quite knowledgeable on the subject. Maybe tomorrow I will find out which ones. 😉