Wet Panties

By | February 20, 2009

AlexSuze, SuzeWhilst out at lunch parked up the car with lots of spare time I started to day dream about things which turn me on and a list began to grow in my head. The day was dull, overcast and quite cold but my memories and fantasies soon raised the temperature.

I had finished my lunch and the radio was quietly playing in the background. The car was pulled in to its usual spot round the corner from the greasy spoon where I buy my sandwich. It’s quiet and quite secluded behind some houses not closely overlooked. Ideal for afternoon fun and yes I have played with myself during my lunch break. 😉

Today was all about things which get your juices flowing. These ideas just came to me in no particular order but they all have a seriously arousing effect on me.

The first was guys wearing leathers, I love the smell, sound of the rubbing of hide as he walks and the sheen. Then of course comes the bike itself, throbbing, powerful and a free spirit. I recall as a teenager letching after many a biker and in my days of rock chic lusting after one of the chapter of Hells Angels which frequented my local heavy metal retreat.

There is something deeply arousing about a guy who can take care of himself, I suppose it’s knowing that he can also take care of you. I like to feel protected I suppose.

Next is men in suits, don’t ask me why but Alex even has a fuck suit to…well you know. 😉 There is nothing that can compare with a clean cut guy wearing a suit and tie. I’m getting visions of Tom Cruise descending on the escalator in Rain Man. Oooooh, not so much now but then, when he was HOT!

I also like fast sports cars, I’ve had chance to drive a few and they make me very wet. The feeling of power as you put your foot down and listen to the growl of the engine. I’m a bit of a speed queen although I can’t afford the car I would really like to drive, perhaps one day.

Humour is my next choice, a man with a good sense of humour can captivate me and quite literally talk the pants off me. It is a fantastic quality to be able make someone laugh, not just slap stick but observational humour from a quick witted man works for me every time.

Lets not forget intelligence, a man who can hold a stimulating conversation when you are together and hold my attention is a turn on. I’ve been out with guys in the past who couldn’t formulate interesting conversations and bore you rigid in the process, I like to be entertained, stimulated.

I may need to think some more about this and revisit the idea in another post but for now I think you can best sum me up as a woman who likes power and is stimulated by it.

What do you think?