Porn Star School

By | February 21, 2009

It occurs to me that if there are schools for actors, then why can’t there be schools for adult actors.

Although the skill sets are different, adult performers ought to be given direction and training just as much as their counterparts in conventional theatre and film.

It’s quite breathtaking to observe the range of skill that pornographic performers display. A minority are very gratifying to watch, whereas others range from the poor to embarrassingly awful.

Part of the problem is of course that the skills involved in pornography are very different to those in normal acting. But there are plenty of ex-porn stars who I am sure would be able to tutor the young blood.

There’s the second problem; Porn requires a constant supply of new talent, you don’t see that many older porn stars, especially older female porn stars. Their working life is relatively short. While they cam extend the length of their careers by changing genre and a bit of appropriate surgery there is a point where it’s impractical to continue in adult.

So it would be a careful balance between the need to create lots of new, trained performers with relatively short careers and ensuring that they actually knew what they were doing. There are very few equivalents of playing Lear in the twilight of your porn years.

Personally I would set one up just so I could get involved in the practical workshops … LOL