Dirty Nurse Does It For Me

By | February 21, 2009

CHrisse Williams, Tina HobleyI haven’t watched the BBC1 drama Holby City for years now. The last time I watched it nurse Duffy had returned to earn some extra cash after retiring from the programme for some years.

Back then it used to be quite a gritty, relatively low budget hospital drama and because of that it had some integrity and believable story lines. It was the show that most actors wanted to do a cameo on and it saw the return of many an old face.

Some years later it has now metamorphosised in to something which resembles a Hollywood production and the cast are quite tasty too.

In particular one nurse caught my eye when I saw the trailer for the programme the other evening. That is ward sister Chrissie Williams, played by Tina Hobley, she’s there at the top of this post. She is gorgeous!

I looked her up on the Internet and she has her own site here go and check her out, there are some really nice images of her there.

In the meantime you can take a look at how well she scrubs up here I may have to start watching again. 😉