I’ve Been Having A Bit On The Side!

By | March 27, 2007

Well, that’s a lie because I have been having a bit on the side a lot lately.  I just heard all the sighs out there in the blog world.  You all think I’ve been naughty and seeing someone behind Alex’s back don’t you?  You dirty minded people.  Lol  And I love you for it.

Now I’m going to check if you have all been paying attention.  😀  Do you recall me describing a couple of new positions we have discovered we like to fuck in?  Only one of you remembers!  Hahaha…

The position I have become quite addicted to lately is the one where I lay on my right side and Alex is on his knees below me.  I then slide my right leg down the bed between his legs.  Are you keeping up?  😉  Then I place my left leg around his waist, so that my heel is resting on his left buttock.

I just lost you didn’t I?  Bugger I will now have to slip off into Draw or something like it and try to draw a diagram for you.  Lol  Stay there I’ll be right back…

…right, how is that?  Can you see what it is yet?  😀  It’s the best I can manage don’t laugh, art wasn’t one of my strongest subjects.  Alternatively I’ll give you my address and you can come over and I’ll show you.  You’d like that wouldn’t you?

Alex can then push deep inside me and as he fucks I get to feel his balls rubbing against my right inner thigh.  But best of all I get to play with myself at the same time.  I have a small confession to make to you all…I’m also addicted to popping my finger inside my ass whilst being fucked.

I have always enjoyed reaching behind and placing my hand with open fingers over my buttocks so that I can feel Alex working his hard cock inside me.  Now I have discovered the delights on anal play, I just can’t stop myself from pushing my left middle finger inside my anus as Alex fucks me.

The membrane between the colon and my pussy is so fine that I can feel him slipping past my finger with each thrust.  This adds to my arousal and I find myself coming after only a few thrust from my lover.  I’m hoping in time to train myself for that delicious anal fucking that we both want so much to try.  To feel Alex pump in to me until he can’t hold back any longer and then fire white ribbons of cum deep inside my colon makes me feel so horny.

I’m still an anal newbie and my next step is going to be trying out some of the anal toys we played with the other week.  The only reservation I have about using the toys is that I won’t be able to feel that hard thrusting cock through my anal walls.

Today I tried pushing my finger inside my ass whilst being fucked hard and I mean hard I felt so dirty today.  This was accompanied by me massaging my clit with my right hand.   That is the good thing about this position, you can use both hands on yourself unhindered and get to see the expression on the face of the guy fucking you at the same time as he cums.

Nothing compares to the facial expressions of the male face when he is fucking a blend of ecstasy and pain all brought together in a facial contortion which is both funny and arousing at the same time.  But who am I to jest, I may be pulling equally funny faces whilst orgasming.

Now there’s a thought I haven’t videoed us fucking for some time…