Great Fucks For A Few Bucks

By | February 22, 2009

Good Sex Doesn’t Have To Cost The Earth

I just finished reading an article which enraged me on several levels. Firstly it was promoting what it sees as exclusive adult toy outlets and secondly it was more or less poo pooing anything which didn’t fit the designer category or came gold plated.

The sex toy market place is filled with all price ranges of toys. Yes you can pay thousands of dollars for an upmarket vibrator but when you peel back the layers it is still just a bullet and no matter how many layers of gold you coat it in, it is still a bullet.

We all know that there are cheap, smelly and possibly toxic toys out there but you can still but a totally practical and stimulating toy that falls somewhere in between.

I found the article dwelled too much on the expensive and overpriced side of the market. Almost to the point of toy snobbery. In these times of recession when we are watching our pennies it is irresponsible and fallacy to put these ideas around.

There are many pthalate free toys on the market and they aren’t all crude with veins and threatening to men. These people ought to get out and about more. Medical grade silicone is widely used and is very user friendly.

I’m surprised at the Times for allowing this article through for publication. It doesn’t really inform and owes I would suggest more to the free samples that were provided by certain manufacturers than research into the market as a whole.

Every one of the brands mentioned produces a good range of quality toys, but there are other producers out there with toys at lower prices. There are sex toys for every budget and if you want to read more about them then you might be better off reading sex toy reviews like those you’ll find at Sex Toys Buzz, rather than one article about one segment of the market.