Masturbating With The Rich And Famous

By | February 24, 2009

We-vibeI just read an article about the Oscars which took place on Sunday. It is traditional for the event to give away swag bags which sometimes contain items such as jewellery, perfume. Cellphones, plasma TV’s and other flash objects. Wouldn’t you just love to be on the guest list for the gifts alone.

This year one of the giveaways will be the We-Vibe. We tested this adult toy out in June last year, you can read the We-Vibe review here.

Bruce and Melody Murison the creators of the We-Vibe took 200 samples along with them to Hollywood.

I feel kind of smug knowing that I have used the same toy that the rich and famous will trying out for themselves. It’s not often you have something in common with a Hollywood star. 😉

But I don’t think they will be posting up a review about it somehow.

Check out the full article here.