Porn Linked to Crime Shock Horror Bullshit Story!

By | February 25, 2009

I found this today.

To save you reading the whole thing it boils down to this. One guy sees another in a diner and asks to use his laptop to check his Facebook account. Second guy says no, first guy snatches laptop because he’s so desperate to see if he’s been poked.

As the article points out the Facebook thing might just have been a diversionary tactic for a common act of theft. I just don’t hear anyone saying that social networking promotes crime because of it.

Can you imagine if the thief had claimed he wanted to watch a bit of online porn?

There would have been an outcry – “Porn addiction fuels crime wave.”

A purely hypothetical scenario I know and yet if you saw it published as a factual news report you’d believe it. And you’d have a queue of anti-porn activists queuing up to denounce porn and claim that this was proof that all adult content is evil.

It could be that I’m being rather biased here, though I’d like to think of it more that I’m fed up of people bashing the legitimate adult industry because their world view doesn’t the possibility that others might enjoy sex and have a sexuality outside their narrow world view.