Clit Wanking And Pussy Jumping

By | February 25, 2009

Alex called me to let me know he would be a little late so when I got home I stripped out of my clothes and took a shower. The water in the shower helped to sooth away the stresses of the day and when I emerged clean and fresh I felt much better.

I towel dried my hair and wrapped it up on top of my head in a dry one. My hairdryer went caput the other day so it was down to the old fashioned way of drying it.

There was still around 30 minutes to kill before Alex arrived home so I made my way across the landing to the bedroom. We had made a discovery the other night. There was a porn DVD which we hadn’t seen. Don’t ask me how. It just turned up and it was one we knew nothing of. This could be because we buy more than one to save money.

Remembering the film I put it in to the CD drive and turned on the television as I lay back. The first scene kicked off and it was a delightful image. Jay snake hands tied above his head and suspended by the rope. Naked except for his leather and chain belt and hood.

What happened next got my attention. He had a girl on her knees sucking away at his cock and another behind him flogging him with a leather whip.

I was going to get dressed but decided to slip out of my robe and under the duvet. My intentions to watch a little of the first scene and then get up to make dinner for us. But I got absorbed by the scene unfurling before my eyes. Unusual for a porn film.

Next thing I knew I was reaching in to my bedside drawer. And you all know what I keep in there don’t you? I withdrew my clit vibe after a little furtling around. Strange how you get to know your toys via touch after a while. After all I wasn’t going to be taking my eyes of Snake for anything. 😉

Spitting on my fingers I ran them up between my pussy lips. Lubing my clit ready for action. With a press of the button the vibe kicked in to life. Flog and suck, flog and suck, flog… I’m not sure which Harmony DVD this is but it if HOT!

I start by moving the clit vibe up and down over my clit hood, gently pulling back the flesh and exposing my sensitive little nub as I pass over it. My feet are now crossed my hips tilted and my back pushing in to the bed. This focuses my nerve endings and ultimately my orgasm right deep in to my back.

Next I try moving the vibe from side to side over my swollen clit. This has a dramatic effect and I twitch with the intensity of the stimulation, my nerve endings responding. It’s like playing a piano, if you hit the keys right you produce the most wonderful music. And boy do I like to compose.

I shudder as I build the intensity.

Then Bang! Something hits my feet then releases and repeats the movement. This is followed by a scurrying around on top of the duvet.

It is only the bloody cat jumping around my feet. Attacking them with his claws and jaws. The more I move to send him on his way the more excited he is now he thinks I am “really” playing.

The moment has now gone.

Aren’t cats great?