From Bukkake To Dogging And Everything In Between

By | February 25, 2009

Alex and I settled down between the sheets last night after a heavy day at work and writing for the site to watch some porn, to be precise the DVD we hadn’t watched which we must have purchase a couple of months ago.

Nice surprise and up to now a good fetish based production. 😉

I digress. We watched for a while and then things got the better of us and I assumed the position in front of the television on all fours. Alex gave me a good pounding, resulting in several orgasms for me and just the one for him. Lol All whilst watching the lovely Jay Snake…use his snake.

Go on, you just knew that was coming didn’t you.

We switched off our PC’s afterwards and settled to watch some television briefly before turning out the light. Alex flicked through the satellite channels and happened upon the Dave channel which shows some good programmes from time to time.

The programme they were showing was called pulling. I had never seen this before. It features three women living in a house together, one of whom (Donna) was going to be married. I yet have to find out what happened there.

Karen is like a liberated loose cannon and really has no shame. My kind of girl. 😉 Then there is Louise who by her very innocence is a hilarious character. She surfs the net in search of endangered species to adopt and clicks on a link entitled “men hung like elephants”; thus entering the world of porn.

At one point she asks her fellow housemates what Bukkaki is and then if it is spelled with an I or an E. Lol She somehow ended up sitting in a car with a guy she met in a chat room who looks decidedly dodgy.

This is confirmed when another guy stands in front of the vehicle and you just see the visuals from behind him. He stands there appearing to wank in front of the car. They are at a dogging venue.

This programme is hilarious and has to be seen, so much so that I stayed up way too late to watch it. I need to check if they air it earlier in the evening.