Fucked So Hard –

By | February 27, 2009

AlexSuzeAlex and I lately seem to be suffering from one cold after another. No sooner do we feel better then another one hits. I think I have been more prone than usual due to my circumstances at work, the move and the fact that I am in the same room as a guy who bullied me some months ago.

He is still behaving himself but I am under constant stress waiting for him to flip back in to his old behaviour. And I guess like a cat who encounters the moving in of a new one on the block, it creates stress which wears away, erodes your strength.

I’m hoping given time this feeling will subside and I can relax. But for now I remain guarded and with every reason, this guy is quite ruthless.

The reason for me giving you this background is that I sat down on my office chair at work this morning and my ass felt like it had been kicked. Both cheeks were tender to the touch, a mirror image of each other.

I thought it was strange and couldn’t think why I felt so tender. Could it be yet another bloody cold taking grip.

Then last nights events came back to me. I was on the mattress, on all fours in front of the MFM scene being fucked doggy style. Alex was really going for it at one point I almost lost my balance and nearly tumbled over the end of the bed. Lol

He was pile driving in to me like a man possessed, my boobs were swinging like crazy under me. I can’t recall how many orgasms he gave me but it was more than three. I recalled his groin slapping against me.

That was it. He had banged me so hard that my buttocks must have been slightly bruised. I didn’t bother sharing with my colleagues that I knew why they hurt as you can imagine. 😉