Ann Nicole Smith

By | February 27, 2009

Katherine JenkinsCould someone pinch me please!

Ann Nicole Smith is one of the last people that I’d think about if I were looking for the muse for an opera. Or is it?

In a life that can be best described as interesting and tempestuous, and a death that was perhaps even more dramatic I suppose there’s plenty of material for an opera. After all operas require a huge amount of drama and events that lend themselves to dramatisation and some mouthy bird belting out the lyrics. (Don’t take mouthy bird too seriously, it’s not meant in a derisory fashion, I mean look at Katherine Jenkins)

The bottom line of course will be how the subject matter is handled. It would be wrong to beatify Anna Nicole Smith, saint she wasn’t, but she doesn’t deserve to have her life used to make a few bucks if the opera turns out to be a trashy cheap thrill ride.

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