Cock And Balls But Not As You Know It!

By | March 31, 2007

I was hoping that by the sixth week of my new job I would feel more invigorated and energised.  I thought by now I would be sitting at the top of my learning curve and employing my knowledge instead of absorbing more by the day.

It seems the more I take onboard, the more they are showing me.  A constant drip feeding of information and knowledge and not much time for digestion.  This has manifested itself in me being fucked (not in a good way) every night when I get home.

I’m waiting for a sign that I have nearly reached the end of my learning but no such luck.  At the moment I seem to be covering 3 different jobs and far more than I was originally taken on to cover.  How come that every new employer I have worked for over the last 5 years has tried to get the most out of me, in most cases to the point where I break and pack the position in.  Would it not be far more shrewd to realise that the employee has enough to do and that other job you just thought of may result in her walking.  Did you?

Ok, enough feeling sorry for myself there are people out there who can’t find employment at all so I suppose I shouldn’t complain.

The result of all this is a lack of stamina and it is taking it’s toll on my sex life.  And we can’t have that can we?  😉  I just tend to flop in to bed and let Alex take advantage of me.  No…I do participate but not as fully as I used to, too tired!  Foreplay for me has taken a back seat, I go straight for the money shot.  Lol

Alex is great he still goes down on me and drives me wild but I haven’t been reciprocating quite as much as I should.  Well, last night I felt a little guilty and as we lay there watching, you guessed it some FFM fucking in latex action I got a kind of second wind.  No silly!  I don’t mean flatulence but a small surge of energy and the desire to give my man some oral pleasure and pay him back for time invested.  😉

Picture the scene…girl on all fours in raspberry red latex catsuit, being fucked from behind by a naked guy in leather riding boots.  Sounds good eh!  In front of raspberry girl is another girl in an open crotched white catsuit with her legs spread wide, she is getting some serious tongue action on her pussy.  And best of all the girl giving her a tonguing has the longest tongue I have ever seen in a film.  Yum…gulp!

I reached my hand over Alex’s left hip and down towards his semi erect cock.  It seemed he was enjoying the visuals too.  😉  I ran my finger over the enclosed tip of his cock and picked up the fluid which had gathered in the top of his foreskin.  Then like a total whore I withdrew my finger and ran it across my lips (don’t you just love acting like a complete tart?)  I then retraced my finger with my tongue and turned my head to face Alex with a smile.  He has that look in his eyes.  I knew it was going to be a good night.

I raised up on to my right forearm and took hold of that cock with a firm grip in my left hand.  After a couple of squeezes I ran my fingers down it’s length, over the base of his shaft and down between his legs.  I pushed firmly up against his perineum and gave it a gentle massage with my palm.  Alex shuffled himself and pressed firmly in against my palm.  Just there I could almost feel his cock growing as he hardened under my touch.

His balls were now tight against his cock and rolling.  I bent over him and pushed my tongue down between his legs, with one stiff stroke I ran it up his perineum to the base of his balls.  Alex gasped.  I took his hard cock in my right hand and started to pull the foreskin back in one swift but gentle stroke as I did so I took his left testicle in my mouth and rolled it around on my tongue like a hard boiled sweet, savouring it’s texture and taste.

I sucked gently and tugged on his ball, stretching his ball sack to it’s full.  Alex loves to have his ball bag pulled gently.  The naughty boy!  Lol  I then moved across to the other and gave it a good roll and suck.  Alex was now squirming and I started to gently stroke his erect prick.  No need to lube him, he was wet with his own pre-cum.
I couldn’t see what was happening on screen but I could here the slapping of groin against buttock and she was being more than grateful.  The sound of them fucking in the background and Alex’s lustful moans made me all the more energised.  I leant over Alex and climbed between his open legs and slid down the bed.

His cock was now trying to stand to attention, proudly bouncing in mid air just above his abdomen.  I took it in my right hand, pulled back his foreskin to fully reveal his purple head and gently blew air all over the tip.  Instant blood surge, he grew even harder in my hand.  I then leaned over it and encased it in my mouth, being careful not to touch it and pushed hot breath out over it.

Time for contact…I opened my mouth wide stuck out my tongue and swirled it around the shiny purple helmet now bursting with blood and desire.  I pulled my probing tongue back in to my mouth to moisten it for it’s next assault on his erection and…
…Pttt, pttt, ptt,  my oral ministrations had introduced something foreign in to my mouth.  I ran my tongue over my palette until it picked up one of the offending particles, then stuck it out and ran my finger over it picking up the unwanted matter.  I ran my finger and thumb together over the object.  It was toilet paper, small balls of toilet paper.  🙂  I had to clean his cock several times with my mouth and spit out the tissue balls before I could continue.

Word of warning to you guys out there, yes you need to wipe thoroughly but not that thoroughly.  🙂