Great Fuck Songs

By | February 27, 2009

Invaders Must DieI have been a fan of the Prodigy since their inspirational CD Fat Of The Land. There are very few CD’s that I can say I like every track on. There is usually one that just grates and you have to fast forward through. Not in the case of FOTL, it is a great CD to jump around the room to and other things. 😉

Which is where I am going with this post. There are times when a slow, melancholy song is good to screw to. One where you want to embrace, touch, get close to each other and savour the moment.

Then there are the times when you just want to fuck, fast and furious and achieve gratuitous satisfaction. This is where the Prodigy’s music comes (no pun intended but whilst we are on the subject. Lol) in to it’s own.

The track I just listened too from their comeback album does not disappoint. Go listen and let me know what you think. All I can say is “It’s bangin’!“. 😉