In Bed With A Married Man

By | February 28, 2009, SuzeI think we have all been there at one time or another in our lives, perhaps some of you reading right now are questioning your desires. 😉 It’s the desire to get off with someone who you know you really shouldn’t. The flirting the sexy smiles, gestures and innuendo all with one aim in mind…

My earliest recollection of wanting to taste forbidden fruit was when I was taking probably my last foreign holiday with my parents. He was the hotel owner, very dishy and a fellow Brit from London if my memory serves me well.

He was about 28 and I was probably about 16. Those hormones don’t half play with your libido. 😉 The age gap wasn’t so much a problem I was quite a mature girl for my age, always enjoyed the company of older people, I found them more interesting.

No the real problem was that he was a married man who had a son too. He was a real looker and charmer and I think he knew it. I was at the age that my parents would leave me behind at the hotel to talk to a waitress I had befriended last time we had stayed at there.

This worked extremely well for me. After they left to go shopping I would begin my plan of entrapment. Bikini on and hang around the bar drinking soft drinks. Don’t tell my parents but he would also slip me the odd house hospitality drink too. Shhhh. I tell you I’m sure he knew exactly what I was up to.

I would sit and talk to him as he played bar tender, making sure that he got my best angles especially the cleavage shots in my push up and together top. 😉 My parents were blissfully unaware that I wasn’t learning the local dialect but attempting to sow my wild oats. Or is that have some wild oats planted?

His wife was a very nice Spanish lady who would invite me in to her kitchen where she liked to cook for the guests. She showed me how to prepare paella and other dishes during my stay. In fact one morning she asked me to take a cup of tea down in to their basement flatlet for Gary who was still in bed.

I wonder if she could see the look of excitement on my face as I hurried along trying not to look to eager to catch a glimpse of him between crisp white sheets. My heart was beating like crazy as I knocked on the subterranean door to their room.

“Come in”, came the muffled reply from behind the door. As I opened the door I realised that their accommodation consisted of a bedroom and small bathroom. Gary pulled himself to a sitting position in bed with the bedsheet carefully hiding his modesty.

I will never forget the passionate urge I felt there and then to jump on the bed beside him. For a moment I jostled with the idea and then thought about his wife. I placed the cup down on the bedside table and made my way back upstairs. Moment gone forever.

The next time I remember falling for someone unattainable was when I started work for a small property company. My boss was a very handsome guy, with rugged good looks and the deepest blue eyes I have ever seen on a guy. When he spoke to me, things would happen, pants would get wet.

If he asked me to do anything I was straight there without question. My working day although pleasantly sprinkled with views of him was a constant distraction, I found it difficult to concentrate especially when he was talking to me. Trying to formulate thought when all you can think of is fucking this guy in front of you is hard, nigh on impossible sometimes.

He was about three years older than me and unfortunately married. This time it was even more of a no-no, his wife worked in for the same company as the secretary and would have her beady eye on him all the time. She knew just what a good catch she had managed to land and wasn’t letting anyone else try to hook him.

I almost nearly got a kiss out of him at the Christmas party but his wife came in to the room and put an end to that. I’m not sure if she knew from our body language how close we came to kissing, we were all a little intoxicated.

After that I didn’t really get another chance to make a play for him and left shortly after for a better job.

Now, who else has there been…