Dripping Wet Rubber

By | February 28, 2009

There are a lot of things that people find attractive, a lot of different preferences and fetishes. If whatever turns you on is more than just a liking for something, a preference that is more of a sexual fetish, then practicality and common sense go out of the window.

If you do have a fetish you will want to indulge that however hard or uncomfortable it is for you or your partner. OK, within limits, but you get my drift. Although being uncomfortable or even in pain may be part of your fetish.

What I suppose I’m actually rambling on about is fetishes that involve clothing that is difficult to put on or uncomfortable to wear for any length of time, or require you to have sex in impractical places or environments that are dangerous or uncomfortable.

I love the look of latex and PVC clothing, but it does have practical limitations as far as wearability is concerned. But again I suppose that may be part of the attraction for some – dripping with sweat and loving it!

Maybe that’s what defines a true fetish in one respect, the need to experience something no matter what the consequences or protracted preparations required to make the experience happen.

Of course not all fetishes require such preparation or clothing/equipment so could not be defined in this way but it made me think about time spent leading up to encounters with this sort of fetish. If you think about it you realise that it’s not so different from the ritual of getting ready to go out on the pull, or to a date with someone you’ve just met. Preparations can start days before, selecting or even buying the right clothes and makeup. Selecting a venue for the date, how forward to be and so on.

So I suppose in that respect a fetish that takes a long time to prepare for adds the extra dimension of anticipation just like the elements of a vanilla encounter can.

I’ll have to find some time to have a ponder on this a bit more.