Anal Toys And Then Some More

By | February 28, 2009

AlexSuzeFrozen Fountain Glass Butt Plug Review

The glass butt plug sent to me by Nice Sex Toys is a genuinely marvelous object. Disregarding its function as a sex toy it could be a beautiful object d’arte for your living room. Though it could be rather disturbing if a your mother spotted it and said “I’ve got one of those …”.

This is not a toy for the anal beginner. Even I, as someone who has experimented with anal toys for some time found, this one is a bit of a challenge.

Whenever you indulge in anal play you have to ensure you’re relaxed an have plenty of lube to hand. The lube is especially true of silicone and glass toys, lube tends to rub off these surfaces so a nice viscous consistency. I worked a liberal amount of lube into my ass with the tip of the butt plug. I gently pushed the tip inside as I lay on my back.

The taper of the butt plug is not graduated so you get an ever increasing stretching of your anus around it as you push it home. I found that I had to remove it several times and ensure there was plenty of lube around to get it to slip into place. It was I have to say a relief to have the widest part of the toy enter me and feel my ass close around it, the base resting against the outside of my ass.

Suze was watching all this and decided to join in, gently moving the base of the plug, even tapping on the glass to send vibrations up inside me. I felt very filled by the toy but it lacked the specific stimulation a male oriented toy would have because it does specifically press against the prostate. It’s more of a generic anal toy.

I slowly stroked myself to erection and did become more aware of the mass of the glass butt plug the more erect I came. Suze waited until I was fully erect before presenting her buttocks and pouting pussy to me. It was an interesting sensation, moving around towards her in preparation for a doggy style fuck. I was apprehensive that the size of this butt plug would make movement difficult. As it turns out the amount of lube I’d used meant I was simply aware of weight of the borosilicate glass tugging slightly at my ass.

I slipped into Suze’s welcoming pussy and slowly worked up a rhythm. The butt plug was certainly adding to the experience, its weight pulling slightly at my ass and the feeling of fullness becoming even more distinct as I got closer to orgasm. When I did cum we both enjoyed it. Suze because she loves to know I have something inside me and me because of the naughtiness of using a butt plug. That feeling never seems to get old.

I was a little cautious about removing the butt plug and removed all traces of external lubrication before gently but firmly pulling it out. The removal brought a feeling of release and for some time afterwards that I had been deeply penetrated.

Like any other glass butt plug this one is easy to clean and beautiful to look at. Its weight adds to the experience of sex, though for a guy the fact that it’s not shaped specifically for the male anatomy means that you’ll not get any P-Spot stimulation to speak of.

If you want a visually appealing and challenging butt plug then this might be the one for you.