Sex With A Porn Star

By | March 1, 2009

Avy ScottAlex and I have similar tastes in women, which is a good thing, if I get the opportunity to hook up with another girl I can always be pretty sure that he will like her too. Although I’m not saying that I would share. 😉

We point out girls we take a fancy to when we are out all the time. It is very rare that we don’t agree that should she agree we could go back to our place and indulge in some adult play. I must admit lately I have been considering taking a trip out to try out a swingers club. They are becoming so popular and I think a lot of stigma related to visiting them has disappeared.

It would certainly be an experience and if we didn’t want to join in, then at least we gave it a try. I told you I have developed the attitude that life should be enjoyed, why deny yourself pleasure when you only get one shot at it. 😉

Last night we were relaxing in bed and I decided we should take part in a little mutual masturbation, it’s a while since we indulged and it would be relaxing to do whilst watching a bit of porn.

Whilst Alex took a quick shower I started a little early. I selected a DVD from our hidden stash and without checking it out loaded it in to the player. It turned out to be Lex Steele’s Superwhores.

I flicked through the scenes until I found one I couldn’t remember watching. We bought a few at the same time a while ago because it was cheaper to buy them in bulk and I don’t think we got round to watching them all.

It was the third scene, a blonde girl with a very short white skirt and blue t-shirt and JEESH she was very well stacked, with a feisty look about her. She looked to be about the same size in the boob department as Busty at work. Good start I thought!

I pressed play and reached in to my bedside drawer for my clit vibe. I wet my finger and ran it over my clit to moisten it before I started and then placed the cup of the vibe between my pussy lips and over my clit.

Moving the cup from side to side was working for me and the girl on screen was hot. Lex came in to shot and she fell to her knees and started to suck him off. I could hear Alex in the background washing off and felt a little naughty starting on my own.

Lex was already hard and after a few minutes of oral from Avy Scott he was lifting up her clingy blue top and to my surprise she had a wonderful natural pair of boobs with huge brown nipples that just cried out to be sucked.

It is not only a refreshing change to see a porn star with natural breasts but also that they were so perfect in size shape and nippleage. I will be honest hear and admit that I was so turned on by her that I came within moments of that top coming off.

My orgasm had almost subsided when Alex appeared in the bedroom.

“You started without me then”, he grinned with his eyes firmly fixed on Miss Avy Scott’s assets. 😉