Sex On A Shoestring

By | March 1, 2009

Being a woman I think I can speak for most in that we like to look good. No we like to look sexy. It makes us feel good about ourselves and also is MUCH appreciated by our partners.

When it comes to hosiery, my choice will always be stockings. They look sexy, feel great on the legs and on a more practical note, allow air to circulate around your fanny. Lol

I like most have an extensive range of underwear, ranging from practical every day wear “utility” wear if you like, all the way to “fuck me now” underwear. He knows at a glance what kind of mood I am in. 😉

But keeping up with the latest fashions is expensive, especially if like me you go for the more classy look, with a hint of sex thrown in.

I have just found the answer, Tesco have just launched a range of silk undies, designed by the renowned lingerie house Ultimo. The bra in the top left corner is taken from their new range The Diamond Boutique Collection and cost just £14.

Now I don’t normally shop at Tesco’s but I think I may just pay them a visit. 😉