Sexual Mentoring In Being His Bitch

By | March 2, 2009

Last weekend when we went to the swingers club to take a look round Alex left me alone with their resident BDSM and fetish night master. Frank as I discovered was a very interesting and diverse Master.

He holds the fetish and BDSM nights at the club and he is there as not only a “safe man” but also as a mentor to anyone wishing to try something new. He has many years in the kink and as he put it to me can be anything from the most sensuous tentative Master to the most cruel sadistic bastard.

Although he admits that he enjoys the sensitive sensual side of the lifestyle. He gets his rocks off to his slaves enjoying the experience. The more they enjoy the harder he gets. I can understand that. For me the enjoyment of taking control of Alex is seeing him take my anal fucking’s and almost coming with the sensation.

His pleasure is mine. I can well understand that.

Frank went on to explain that you can tap the back of your hand with a crop repetitively, it will become red and glow but the sensation is lost because the more you wack it the less you feel. Your body becomes accustomed to the blows.

You need to vary the stimuli both in its form and intensity to truly get the most out of it. Starting with a small crop, gently rubbing between taps. Then trying pinching nipples, a small flogger, a gentle bite. Variety of stimulation is key to reaching the state of sub space, where endorphins take over and you float on a cushion of pure ecstasy.

I asked if they tend to use the “safeword” on the fetish/BDSM nights he said not. They use the traffic light system, green being go and red, stop. All manner of kink is practiced, anything from breath play to needle play which is encouraged to take place in one of their “private” rooms.

The whole experience of the evenings has a subculture of safety. There is always someone their to help which is a very reassuring thing and one which most first timers would value immensely.

One interesting thing he did mention which had never occurred to me before. The fetish people enjoy dressing up as much as the club nights. For them it about the whole experience. But during the Summer months the scene takes a dive because a lot of them have family and as a result usually get ready in their cars.

Light nights make this very difficult and therefore have an effect on the scene, which all but goes in to hibernation.

My experience talking to Fred was a very enlightening one and I hope to speak to him in more depth in the future. 😉