Rubber Up And Fuck

By | March 3, 2009

My doctor has been changing my contraceptive pill to find one which is more suitable for me. The one I am currently trailing is fine and I have been using it now for the last 6 months. I don’t like having to take chemicals every day to protect myself but is the only method which works for me.

When Alex was in the doctors the other week he requested a repeat prescription for me and I collected it a couple of days later on my way home from work. Then when I got home I put the paper bag with my pills in it inside the medicine cupboard until I needed it.

I thought no more about this until last night when I was due to start my next packet of pills. When I opened the bag at about 8.30pm and pulled out the contents I was mortified.

They only went and prescribed the old pills I have now stopped taking. It was too late to do anything about it because the doctors were shut and the pharmacy was too. I took the only course of action I could come up with and took one of my old ones thinking taking something is better than nothing.


When I went to the doctors today to rectify the problem I was told that I was unprotected. Great I thought as last nights shag came to mind. I came away from the doctors with the morning after pill, a new prescription and a bloody bottle for a urine sample in 3 weeks to be tested to see if I am pregnant.

Well, a big thank you goes out to my doctors surgery for the biggest fuck up I have had the misfortune to be part of.

Alex now has to make sure we have a weeks worth of condoms, a gross should do it so any manufacturers reading please take note ;o)

So, how was your day? 🙂