Metal Heart

By | April 3, 2007

I wish I had a metal heart
I could cross the line
I wish that I was half as good
As you think I am

But now that we know for sure they’re telling lies when they say
No one gets hurt and therefore nobody dies
You know it’s hard to believe anything that you hear
They say the world is round

Wish I was as big as you
You’d have to tell the truth
I’d be nothing you could hurt
Nothing you could use

Lyrics “Metal Heart”, from the album “Bleed Like Me”, Garbage, 2005

This is an album track that I’ve vaguely liked for a while, musically. But I was listening to it today and it seemed to describe my world view at the moment. Current events in the news, politically and environmentally are preying on my mind as you know so that’s probably why.

Anyway that aside, whether this was meant as one of the awesome Garbage‘s bitter-sweet songs about love, loss and betrayal or about something else it’s worth a listen, as is the whole album.

The image was a serendipitous find. I typed “Metal Heart” and found it on Google Image Search. It’s from a charity auction held last year by the charity WAYS in Sydney Australia. It was donated by Carol Murphy. The charity supports “Young people and families in … Sydney”.

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