Rent Great Sex Here

By | March 4, 2009

As far as sex toys go I have seen all sorts of things but the latest to be highlighted by my friend Luna is such an ill conceived idea. It’s so bad that I can’t imagine that it ever worked let alone anyone wanted to participate in the whole idea.

When I looked at the site I thought it was a piss take. I hunted around the site to confirm my thoughts. But the more I read the more the site seemed to be credible.

The whole concept just doesn’t work on several levels, most of all cross contamination.

Have you guessed what all this is about yet? It’s a site which has been set up for the public to subscribe to renting sex toys. I kid you not. They claim that all the toys are fastidiously and hygienically cleaned.

They were even renting out anal toys until around 2006. It is frightening to even consider that some people may have subscribed to this. No matter how well you clean your own toys, they are yours and you don’t lend them out. Nobody can be certain that a toy is clean, not unless you sterilise it in some way and most toys wouldn’t withstand most processes.

Go check out the site – bearing in mind I in no way endorse it. It is like playing Russian Roulette to even consider participating in something like this. And lets face it most toy these toys are within budget even in a recession if you choose wisely.

Take care of yourselves and don’t put yourself at risk.

One final note, the site doesn’t appear to have had any activity in its news section since 2006. Maybe that is where it quite understandable fizzled out.