Cool Fresh Fuck

By | March 4, 2009

I suppose that to some people condoms are simply one of those things that are a necessary part of contraception. Some women just can’t take oral contraceptives and don’t want implants. Because of allergies and the impracticality of other methods of contraception the condom is often the only choice.

Using a condom is of course the only way to protect yourself against sexually transmitted diseases. So especially in the early stages of a relationship or where one or other of you is perhaps a little uncertain about your sexual history then using condoms is the sensible choice.

Not using one in those sort of situations is one of the dumbest things you can do.

For us it’s different. We haven’t used a condom for years because we are in s stable and honest relationship. We know where the other’s been and what they’ve been up to. So when Suze was the victim of a cock up (no pun intended) in the prescribing/dispensing of her pill we were lucky enough to have some (in-date) condoms sent to us by a supplier in my bedside drawer.

Suze has by her own admission never been great at putting a condom on, so when I pointed out that I like her to do it she wasn’t too enthusiastic. Trooper that she is Suze is applying herself to her new duty and I’m enjoying the feeling of a polyurethane sheath being unrolled on my erect cock. It is in fact quite a novelty.

I would ask Suze to put it on with her mouth, which would remove the problem of snagging the condom with her nails, but as they are “tingle” condoms I don’t think she’d be too keen on the taste.

There’s the other thing of course, being tingly condoms they are adding that little bit extra to sex. Like an extra strong mint blow job, except more so.

It’s odd that something others find inconvenient or objectionable should be such a source of interest to us.