The Mile High Club With A Dildo

By | March 5, 2009

Can you imagine, you have packed everything for your trip. Enough clothes to last you for a month although you are only going for a week. More shoes than Imelda Marcos had in her collection and your favourite sex toys.


…Your favourite sex toys. Would you be brave enough to take a sex toy on your flight. Perhaps you may succumb to one which isn’t quite as obviously an adult toy as say, a rabbit vibrator. Perhaps one of the massager type vibes which aren’t exactly shaped like a vibrator.

You do have to give consideration to the fact that your luggage could be scanned or even worse you could be asked to turn out your bag in front of everyone. And then out pops your battery operated pleasure object. 🙂

How embarrassing would that be?

Well I just finished reading this story and the toy in question is the one featured at the top of this post. It doesn’t exactly look like a Mag Light does it?

Dennis Bell who is the owner of a gay adult studio and a film crew were stopped aat Houston’s George Bush Intercontinental Aiport when a sex toy they were carrying was mistaken for a weapon.

The Vergneza Mk I dildo (above) was said to be a safety risk unlike other adult products which are constructed from silcone or plastic.

The group were returning from a trip to Rio de Janeiro following filming of their hardcore production entitled Suruba Duro (meaning hardon or boner), which features Vergenza products as a result of a partnership being struck between both companies.

Apparently one of their bags was stopped on the conveyor belt and one of the female transportation Safety Administrators pulled the dildo out of the bag. How embarrassing would that have been.

So if you wish to take toys away with you give thought to which ones you take to avoid this happening to you.