Swinging And Glory Holes

By | March 11, 2009

As you know Alex and I were all set to revisit the swingers club we had a quick look around the other week. We were going to interview some of the staff and take some pictures for you.

Well, I’m sad to say that despite our efforts to contact the proprietor of the establishment to arrange a suitable time to visit failed. Alex rang and left numerous messages on the answerphone and all were to no avail.

Personally, I can’t understand why they wouldn’t jump at the possibility of some coverage amongst the adult online community. Not to mention the good feature it would have made. But hey ho, who knows what goes on in people’s minds. The can seem as keen a mustard when you are sat talking to them and then go completely off the boil the minute you leave.

Their loss…

We did get a good look around the previous week though. The club had the obligatory hot tub, which despite the hosts efforts to encourage me I did not test the temperature of the water with my hand. Lol And next to it was an hot air sauna if you wished to get hot and sweaty on your own.

The venue was a labyrinth of rooms, one running off another with lots of little niches for private, intimate moments. Downstairs they had the dungeon with various items of furniture and a room for solitary confinement. I could imagine some good nights being held down there.

Back up on the ground floor there was the bar area with ample seating and lamps on tables. Using what little knowledge I have of swinging clubs I attempted to press the top of the lamp to turn it off and almost burnt my hand. Lol I’m not sure if they were base operated, burning my finger kind of put me off trying.

There was a small stage complete with pole for use by both the pros and members of the club if they wanted to attempt pole dancing. The whole area was surrounded by mirrors, which I found useful for picking out a tasty brunette whilst talking to the resident Master. 😉

Upstairs there were changing rooms and lockers, along with a shower and bathroom. There were various playrooms with large expanses of padded seating, all wipeable of course. 😉 The walls of these rooms were either painted or mirrored, or both. There were some rather interesting prints on them when we visited, including the odd foot or two.

A new concept for me were the peep holes and doors with a gap in the middle for the voyeur to watch the activity inside. I struggled with the concept…would I prefer to watch or be watched? Uhmmm.

And lets not forget the glory holes, there were several of them pointing out on to a huge expanse of seating next door. Guys would be able to line up and have their cocks sucked, each in turn if preferred. Fuck, that is so horny!

As we walked around I could imagine some of the scenes that took place there, I even put myself in to some of them as we took in the atmosphere.

The club catered for all sorts of fetish and fantasy scenarios and even hosted film crews from time to time. If you were a swinger you would want to be a member of this club. I’m not and even I fancied the idea of popping along one night to check out the action. 😉

Can swinging become addictive…