4 Day Week

By | April 5, 2007

It’s only a four day week and already I’m ready for the weekend. Ah well, only the afternoon to go then off home to Suze. It’d be nice to think that we’d be able to spend tonight doing the wild thing, but I suspect it’s more likely that we’ll be asleep well before we intend to. The up-side is of course that there’s the rest of the weekend to make up for it, and it’s a long one.
Four whole days gives us a lot of scope for experimentation, Suze has already expressed a wish that I intend to fulfill. I’ll tell you about it after the event. Tomorrow however we’ll be out in the countryside. The weather is set fair and as we both spend our lives in offices, away from fresh air and nature, I’m determined to ensure we make the best of it, even if it’s busy out there.
Living as we do in a semi-rural area it’s easy to see everyone else as “bloody tourists” when we’re out. But that’s the way the inhabitants of the smaller local villages undoubtedly see us when we roll up on a trip out. It’s a matter of perspective. So I’ll try not to swear at them too much as I’m stuck in a traffic jam. That’s the problem with us both working, we’re now more restricted in when we can take days off, Bank Holidays are not my preferred R&R times. The money’s handy though so just ignore that grumble.
What is a little disappointing is that these days it’s very difficult to have sex outdoors. Don’t get me wrong, it always has been. It’s fundamentally illegal (gross indecency), hard to find a secluded place that someone else hasn’t already found and bloody uncomfortable (rocks in the back/knees, cramped in a car etc …).
Now it’s very difficult to find anywhere to park up, let alone get a blanket out and get some fresh air involved. During the day it’s obviously a no-no on a bank holiday, the chances of getting yourself into a secluded woodland glade, getting down to it and actually reaching a happy conclusion are virtually nil. Add to that the problems caused by couples/individuals just watching for coupling-couples and your chances of success are non-existent.
At night all the best spaces that were once “Lover’s Lanes” are now occupied by groups “Dogging” or police patrolling to ensure that the Dogging doesn’t take place.
Suze wrote this article about Dogging ages ago, just in case you haven’t seen it/don’t know what it is.
So we’ll just enjoy the fresh air, take a few pictures. No, not those sort of pictures! Well perhaps … And make sure the rest of the weekend is free for us to enjoy ourselves properly.