Busted In The Sex Shop

By | March 12, 2009

AlexSuze.comThe weekend arrived and we decided to go shopping. For essentials may I add, we don’t have enough disposable income to permit us to do much else these days. But it’s nice to wander through the mall, checking out potential partners…I wish!

It was a miserable day so indoor shopping just to get out of the house appealed and it was busier than usual too. I caught sight of a very attractive blonde but didn’t get chance to point her out to Alex before she disappeared in to the crowd.

We took a look in Anne Summers to see if there was anything of interest. And there wasn’t. It’s a good idea fusing Adult shops with the conventional mall merchants, it will hopefully bring a level of acceptability amongst the average Brit. We all have sex, well most of us do…so just get over it. Lol

The only problem with this chain being on the high street is that there isn’t anything ground breaking or remotely interesting in them. Too well groomed and vanilla. But a good thing to see people actually venturing in and not being frightened to pick up and look.

I came out of the shop wanting to see something a little more hardcore. So we decided to go and visit our local Adult store to see if they had anything new that I wanted to test drive. The car park outside is always a measure of how many people may be inside. Today it was quite busy, there were several cars in the car park.

Alex drove in to an empty space next to a white van with the store’s name emblazoned on it. Lol Nothing like being discreet and not drawing attention to yourselves. 😉 As I got out of the car something didn’t quite feel right. Have you ever had one of those moments when something seems wrong and you can’t put your finger on it.

I looked across the carpark towards the cars parked on the opposite side to ours. There was a silver Ford Mondeo and I puzzled over it for a moment.

“What’s up?”, enquired Alex with a concerned tone.

I didn’t answer him because something was playing on my mind and I was desperately trying to fathom out what it was.

Shit! It then came to me like a bolt out of the blue…

…that car belong to one of my work colleagues. It didn’t come to me at first because I have all on remembering my car registration number but that one stood out because of the familiar pattern of numbers and letters.

“We need to go”, I shouted walking back towards the car.

Fortunately we were in Alex’s car and my work colleagues haven’t seen his car. I was so glad we didn’t go in mine. I had played this scenario through in my head several times in the past…”What would I do if I met someone in there that I knew?”.

Bravado made me answer that question as follows…”If they are in there then they have the same sexual interests that you do. So don’t let it worry you”.

In the cold light of day that seemed to be such a good way to look at things but strangely enough when it actually almost happened I bottled out.

This may make for some interesting conversations at work when I see them on Monday. I may have to drop some hints and tease them a little. I’m so naughty. 😉

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