Doubling Up On Dildos

By | March 13, 2009

Having tried and tested hundreds of sex toys I can now spot and name a toy at fifty paces. In fact I am considering going on to Master Mind…specialist subject, sex toys. Lol I could win a fortune if we had a sex quiz.

As part of being product aware, I can spot a toy which may have been influenced by another or even an outright copy. I’m not sure how design copywrite works in the world of adult toys but there is an awful lot of copying about.

If I were a toy manufacturer and had come up with an innovative design I would want to protect it, after all people can spend months designing a toy.

The trigger for this post is that I just found an article relating to Roberto Cavalli, personally I have never heard of him but then again I don’t particularly follow fashion. He apparently designs all sorts of things ranging from underwear to jeans.

It is reported that he is now branching out in to sex toys. The toy he is launching is the one above in the top left corner.

Now call me naive but that looks a lot like the Fun Factory Delight below. What do you think?

Has FF gone in to partnership with him or is this a fluke of design, you choose? Either way it’s not an original by Roberto Cavalli.

Fun Factory Delight