Extreme Sex Toys Just Got Wilder

By | March 13, 2009

In an apparent attempt to win the nobel prize for stupidity a couple have crafted their own home made sex toy from a dildo and a Sabre Saw. If you’re not familiar with the Sabre Saw it’s one of the reciprocating kind that produces an in-out motion like one of the commercially available sex machines.

Perhaps on a budget and certainly without any thought to the potential consequences the couple fixed the dildo to the blade of the saw and went hard at it. Most people would have realised that a blade is designed to cut and cut it did with the result that the unfortunate 27 year old woman had to be taken to hospital for treatment for her serious internal injuries.

The couple from Lexington Park Maryland have yet to be named and we suspect they’d want to keep it that way. Both parties were fully consenting to the whole sex-machine fiasco so no charges will be brought by the local police.