Dirty Webcam Mistress

By | March 13, 2009

We have been taking the Mickey out of Gobshite today. He keeps letting little references to the fact that he isn’t getting it slip. I find it hard to believe that they are both in there early twenties and not at it like rabbits. His answer to this seems to be that they have been together a long time and things have cooled off.

I went off and did a little research in to this. First stop my old office mates Busty & Horny. They told me that they have been together for a couple of years. Hardly a stale relationship then. Lol But they did add that his girlfriend is a looker and he to be fair is no Brad Pitt. They have even decided that she is probably going elsewhere for it. Cruel girls, honestly.

To add to the frivolity of Friday afternoon I decided to give him a pornstar name. I named him Brad Lovebunny. The office broke in to fits of laughter and I had set the tone for the afternoon.

Gobshite started talking about wanting to get in to retailing sex toys online again and I had to pretend to be totally green on the subject. He has convinced himself that there is a small fortune to be made.

Then to everyones surprise Bully came out with the fact that an old work colleague ran two adult sites, one of which was a webcam site. I became all ears, as did the others. He added that the best sellers were latex or footjob related.

Apparently his friend was earning £17,000 per annum running these two businesses. At that point I said I would be doing my research this weekend and were there any volunteers to take up a slot on my webcam site.

As I left I wished them a good weekend and said I was going home to do some research. I think Gobshite believed me. 🙂