Strap-On Sex Is Best

By | March 15, 2009

I don’t know why but these past couple of days my mind has been on lesbian trysts. I’m not sure if my thoughts and fantasies have been triggered by the latest book of erotic stories that I am indulging myself in at lunchtime in the car.

It’s just I don’t seem to be able to get the thought out of my head that I really, really want a woman. I’d even be prepared to share her with Alex, it wouldn’t have to be one of those she’s mine get your hands off experiences.

In fact it would probably be better if she was bisexual just like me. I wonder if having an on the side relationship with a lesbian lover may be over complicated. It occurred to me that she could become possessive if she didn’t have another lover in her life and that wouldn’t work. Or even worse she may regard me with a slight contempt at walking on the fence, rather than committing wholly to one side of sexuality or the other.

I don’t know. I don’t really know enough about these complex relationships to form a solid opinion at all. Perhaps some of our readers might enlighten me on how bisexuality is perceived by lesbian society.

Are we seen as just plain greedy? Or even worse, toying with peoples feelings. I would hate that because I take all my relationships very seriously indeed, I have never been one for putting it about, so to speak.

Within my heart, I do believe that you can truly love both male and females equally, respecting both.

I drifted slightly off course there.

My waking thoughts and some of my dreams over this past week have involved female partners. A favourite is me wearing a strap-on and fucking them silly. I’ve only ever had the chance to gently fuck Alex’s ass in the past.

Although I had a steamy relationship with a girl some years ago, we didn’t use toys. I didn’t have any. Although I don’t regret that, it would have been nice to fuck her but we had a very intimate a special thing going for a while. She was bisexual too.

Since then I haven’t had the opportunity to engage in a relationship with another girl. I have come close but not close enough.

A couple of years ago I got to meet my bisexual idol Strap-On Jane at the Passion Show in London and she was great. Very approachable and sexy too. That’s her in the top left corner, straddling Alex who was lying on the floor. Great angle don’t you think?

Now she is a girl I would love to try and tame. Grrrrrr. 😉