Jump Up And Down And Wave Your Knickers In The Air!

By | March 17, 2009
If you want to make the boys stare.

I’m not sure where this saying came from, a song perhaps. But it sure works doesn’t it. Lol

I have been cruising around the Internet trying to find some “Girls Trampolining” sites and I must admit they are thin on the ground. Maybe I didn’t use the correct search terms or something.

There are fetishes for just about everything these days and I thought at least I would find a fetish site with lots of semi naked or even naked girls jumping around on trampolines. But alas it was not to be.

However I did find this fun little game which Alex managed to get the high score on. I couldn’t work out how to use it and then he came along the smarty pants. Click here to have a go it’s a real laugh.

At the last minute I managed to find this video footage of a cute blonde working out on the trampoline click here to enjoy.

Maybe I have hit on the next big thing. 😉