Sex And Money In Florida

By | March 19, 2009

I don’t want to start sounding like an advocate for every aspect of the adult industry, I mean I don’t support everything that every adult purveyor does. However in these difficult economic times it would appear that adult is going to come under fire from a number of its traditional enemies for different resons.

The conservative right is going to try and use it as a whipping boy for some of the ills of society. I can hear phrases like “lack of morals” and “protecting our young people” being readied for use as if clamping down on adult entertainment is going to do anything to diminish the demand for it and would only force it underground and into the unregulated abyss.

Partly driven by this vocal and vociferous group several state governments in the US have tried or are trying to implement specific taxes on adult clubs and other businesses. Yes there has to be an element of trying to balance the books when tax revenues are falling but if that were the case the burden of tax would fall evenly across all businesses.

Targeting adult does make sense in the respect that it could be argued adult is like alcohol and tobacco – demand is less affected by recessions and price increases and is therefore a perfect candidate for taxation. It is also an opportunity for anyone who objects to adult industries on moral grounds to make life difficult for those involve din it.

I’d venture the people who would suffer are the workers and suppliers as those owning the businesses would be more likely to keep prices to customers stable and squeeze the performers and manufacturers of goods. Word is that luckily the Florida bill will not be passed and the court case in Texas involving objections to a $5 entry surcharge on the door of adult clubs will see the state lose too.