Dirty Sex Games

By | March 19, 2009

Alex and I don’t usually play sexy board games but last night we made an exception and a discovery.

We had been asked to review a new adult board game (post for this coming up soon) which we will give you the in depth dirty details on later. 😉 And we jumped at the chance, quite often due to lack of time and energy these days we don’t spend enough time playing games together.

I suppose that is true of most working couples. By the time you have driven home from work, created and eaten dinner all you want to do is sit down and relax. Game play is the last thing on your mind and to be honest sometimes so is foreplay. We just get down to the dirty part. 😉

So last night we made a discovery that taking time to play is a good bonding experience and heightens sexual awareness. We have both learned that it is essential that we all make time for a little bit of playful interaction.

We both were so turned on by the game play that we didn’t even complete the game before we were fucking like over-sexed animals. Alex took me by the hand and pulled me away from the bed which was covered with the board and various other naughty things.

I was led to the landing and lent over the banister and Alex entered me from behind and fucked me so hard that I felt at one point as if I may tumble over the edge of the rail and downstairs. He quite literally lifted me off my feet for a second! 😉

If this is what playing naughty board games can do I’m certainly going to get hooked on it!