Kink In The Office

By | March 19, 2009

The hot topic last week was webcams, or was that this week? Bully revealed that a colleague of his a few years ago ran two adult sites and was making a fortune out of them. He revealed the most popular features at the time were foot jobs and latex.

I jumped in at that point and added that foot jobs sounded like a good idea as you don’t have to show your face. They all laughed about it and have been making references to this ever since, with the odd Miss Whiplash thrown in for good measure.

It sounds like Gobshite doesn’t get much from his girlfriend and when he revealed that she got wrecked at the weekend Bully said he should have shagged her whilst he had the chance. We all broke in to laughter and he agreed that he missed his opportunity.

He then started talking about how his old next door neighbour made no secret of the fact that she had her clit and nipple pierced and liked to be tied up. “Did she just come out with this over the garden wall?”, I quipped.

You have to take some things he says with a pinch of salt. Or should I say, for those who don’t know what I mean by that, you can’t believe everything he says he is prone to exaggeration.

Forgetting where I was for a moment I then remarked that she was in to a bit of BDSM play. At this point I could sense the silence around me as mouths fell open and a quizzical look appeared on all their faces.

Then Bully asked me what that meant. I couldn’t believe that nobody in the room knew other than me. At that point I knew I would have to explain and enlighten them. Once I had explained Gobshite said “Does that mean you dress like a German officer”.

I couldn’t believe what I heard, the Max Mosely case has given a false impression of what BDSM is all about. It just goes to show how powerful the media are in giving misconceptions to its readers.

I’m beginning to feel like the only adult in my department, or is it that I am the kinkiest? You decide. 😉