Sock It To Em!

By | April 8, 2007

As a teenager like many girls I knew, I had my share of household chores that I had to do in order for me to receive my pocket money.  I must admit sometimes I would get a sub and not do them but there has to be some perks to the job, yeh!  😉

One of them was to help my mother with the washing and ironing.  I wasn’t very good at the later.  Don’t tell anyone but I deliberately made a hash or pressing the clothes so that I wouldn’t be asked to do it again.  Strange it didn’t work.  Lol

I had brought all the washing in from the garden and folded and placed it on the kitchen work surface ready to be ironed.  Mum was hoovering the lounge and tidying it ready for dad when he got home.

Next was one of my favourite things, and to this day it still is.  I gathered all of my dads socks together in my hands and started to ball them.  Hey stop right there!  This is not a sexual practice.  😀  For those who don’t know, you place the tops of both socks together and then roll the top of one sock back over the other, creating a ball of socks.

Oh, there is a picture at the top of the post if you can’t imagine it.

When I had carefully matched up the pairs I took them upstairs to my parents bedroom and opened my fathers bottom draw containing his sock balls.  It was very full and as I opened it I saw a pair disappear over the back of the drawer and in to the base of the fitted units.  I pulled the draw free from the unit and placed it on the carpet.

I couldn’t believe what I saw laying on the floor inside the drawer unit under that sock.  Quickly I picked up the sock and put it in the drawer and withdrew the video tape from it’s hiding place.  It must have been hidden, nobody keeps videos under their sock draw I thought.

It was a porn film, I can’t remember what it was called but the title did give it away.  Next time I’m at my parents I will have to see if I can find it.  Lol.  I remember being excited at the prospect of viewing the video but also being cautious not to get caught finding it.  I put it back and pushed the draw back in to place.

As the hours passed, I became more and more excited at the prospect of actually getting the opportunity to view a porn film.  I had never seen one before and I felt a little giddy every time I remembered what I had discovered earlier in the day.

It seemed like an age but eventually my parents went out, leaving me to hold the fort.  Oh yes of course I’ll be good…just hurry up and leave!  They went out for the evening, I remember it was summer time and still fairly light.

I prepared myself, putting the video in the tape machine and grabbing myself a glass of Coke and some beef and onion crisps.  I know, not exactly haute cuisine but to a teenager more than adequate sustenance.  Lol  God, I bet I had the most delicious breath and ass for the farts…well.  😀

I turned on the television and then the video player.  Then it struck me that it would be a good idea to close the curtains.  It was just starting to get dark so not so obvious that I was watching porn.  I then remembered that it would be a good idea to put my key in the lock and turn it so they would alert me with the doorbell when they returned.

All bases and eventualities covered I settled down in front of the television, crossed legged on the floor.  I don’t know why, I think it gave me the reassurance should they return early I could quickly eject the tape and switch to normal viewing.  I hadn’t thought about where I would secrete the tape but I’m sure I would have come up with something in my panic.  Lol

I turned down the volume, didn’t want anyone to hear what I was watching either.  The party wall wasn’t very thick, I could sometimes here the neighbours.  After a little flickering of black and white snow the tape started to play.

The scene was a memorable one, which is why to this day I remember it so clearly.  A woman was in a love swing  surrounded by a circle of guys, naked guys all stroking their cocks.  My mouth opened wide and the crisps lost their appeal.  I had never witnessed anything like this before and I felt a little flutter inside.  I suppose it was adolescent arousal.

The girl was a brunette with BIG hair!  It was the 90’s and she was naked except for a black leather belt around her waist.  The guys were your typical male porn star of the time, all dark bushy hair and moustaches.  She was refreshingly natural, with a nice pair of boobs which slipped gently under her arms as she lay spread eagled in the swing.

Even then I appreciated the curves of a woman.  I love the natural shape of the breast and the way it bounces when the girl is being fucked.  The way they sway when she is being taken from behind.  Anyway, I digress.  😉

It was apparent that the tape had been removed from the machine part way through and I wanted to see “Everything!”.  I made a mental note of the starting point on the counter and the scene on screen just in case it was wrong.

I started to rewind and shuffled about on the floor in anticipation.  The whiring stopped and as the tape hit the end.  I pressed play.

Bing, bong!  The bloody doorbell rang, shit they were back already or had they forgotten something?  I reached over to the video player and pressed eject, no time for fast forward.  The tape sprang from the drive.  Bing, bong again.  I pushed the tape between the cushions in the chair behind me and headed for the front door.

It was my parents…