West Coast Porn

By | March 20, 2009

From what I remember porn always used to have a story, or at least attempted a little narrative before the fucking commenced. It was seen as part of the build-up to the main event, whetting your appetite before the main course of sex. The content was different too. Anal sex was less common, pubic hair still existed and natural breasts were pretty much universal.

Now it’s different and we seem to have been through a stage where some studios produce what I have dubbed in my own head “West Coast Porn”. That doesn’t mean the porn is produced in California, simply that the most prolific producers of this genre (if it can be called that) are based in or take their influence from studios and directors based there.

The removal of the story from a porn film and its replacement by a series of scenes, often of a very similar length to one another, means porn that is generic and boring. There seems to be a menu of sexual acts to choose from, which almost always involves a blowjob, anal sex and a final cum shot on the female participants face. Sometimes the participants in the scene are not just aware of the camera but converse with it documentary style before fucking. It is a production line of empty sex.

Porn is porn, but these films are to erotic movies what a medical text book is to an erotic fiction. It shouldn’t be enough to depict the act as this devalues it and removes its ability to arouse.

Luckily the production of this sort of film does not account for the entire content of the shelves in video stores. One British studio recently (Dom Productions) pointed out that specialist and fetish films are their most profitable lines and that the in-out, in-out variety is not even worth producing, for them at least. I certainly have noticed more unusual titles from different studios (like Dom Productions and Harmony) on the shelves at the adult store recently.

Here’s to imaginative erotica and porn movies with passion.