Were We Spotted Outside The Sex Shop?

By | March 22, 2009

Sex Shop On Google EarthQuite by accident we discovered Google’s new mapping service last Thursday at work. Tomgirl wanted to show me where she lived and we took a walk along her road. I looked up our address and it hasn’t been mapped yet.

Immediately problems relating to this new venture came to my mind, like what if a guy is snapped outside an ex girlfriends house and many others.

It is a great idea in principle and they do promise to obfuscate faces, car number plates and even your house if you aren’t happy with the idea of it being viewable online. I think it is a must for travellers, you can not only check out the hotel you are staying at but also the area and street if you wish.

But there have been lots of complaints about invasion of privacy, including one from a guy who was pictured leaving a sex shop and even one of a guy throwing up. Personally I would find it quite interesting hunting out the funny events on the streets of the UK if I had the time to sit and do it. Lol

It was overall a very good idea but someone should have thought it through a little more before releasing it online. I am now going to be on the lookout for a tripod mounted camera on top of a car roof. I’ll be the one waving. 🙂