Boobs, Baps And Muffins

By | March 23, 2009

In my blog enteries here over the past couple of years I have kept you up to date with my daily ins and outs at work. As part of that you have been privy to some very interesting conversations with colleagues, ranging from the out right weird to the naughty X rated ones.

I don’t get much chance to catch up with Busty and Horny these days because I am in a different department and another floor to them. But I am working on my new workmates and gradually get them to join in the naughty banter. Therefore I am feeling more at home and have the reputation of having a dirty mind. Good. 😉

Over the months I have also shared with you some of my lunchtime antics, including a little light masturbation.

And not forgetting the staff at my local sandwich shop. There have been a few hotties serving in there over the last couple of years, one in particular got my juices flowing although she was significantly younger than me.

It was a break from routine to go in and one day find a stunning girl serving in there. Well, no more. The shop closed a couple of weeks ago and hasn’t raised its shutters since. I assume that they have gone bust due to the recession or something because there was no warning. One day they opened, the next then didn’t.

I have been going to the local garage for my sandwiches this last couple of weeks but have heard there is another sandwich shop the other way down the road. So tomorrow I’m off to seek it out.

Who knows there could be a whole world of adventure there.

RIP sandwich shop.