Frantic Fuck

By | March 24, 2009

Every time you have sex is different. It doesn’t have to be with a different partner, involve a new position, a new toy or a new scenario. The nature of sex means that every encounter is an adventure and makes it very special.

Last night was a case in point. The second time we made love I found myself becoming almost orgasmic without being orgasmic.

Let me explain.

We had started by touching and kissing, each of us becoming aroused. I slid over Suze’s body and she rolled towards me, onto her side, allowing me to straddle her lower leg and slip into her by lifting her upper leg. This was great for a while, Suze’s face resting on the pillow, eyes closed, moaning and writhing.

When Suze pushed me away then slid on her knees things changed. As I entered her she let out a squeal of pleasure. She took the whole of me, her wetness presenting no obstruction only sweet friction. However the effect each thrust had on her was magical, she came twice, three times, maybe four and with each adjustment of my angle of entry I was able to elicit louder and more extreme reactions from her.

Unusually, Suze was enjoying being frantically fucked. Most of the time a rapid in-out will do little for her, providing little of no stimulation, but last night was different. I drove into her as fast and deep as I could. I became slightly breathless, this was a sprint not a marathon. I was not yet near orgasm but the physical effort and the excitement of hearing and seeing her reaction was inducing a kind of euphoria in me.

It resulted in a light-headedness and a sparkling cascade of white stars as a result of my synaesthesia. Quite amazing, enjoyable and totally unique. It was like an orgasm without the orgasm if you know what I mean, electric, intense and shudder inducing.

A few minutes later, after indulging in a slower, and more measured fuck I came, the tingling brilliance of my previous non-orgasm still echoing across me.