Forceful Sex

By | March 25, 2009

Now there are times when I just want a good hard fucking, no romance, no foreplay and certainly no waiting but this story I just read takes things to the extreme.

In North Carolina a prostitute has been jailed after she broke down an apartment door, asking three men to pay her $10 for sex. It’s one thing touting for business but this is money with menaces. Lol

The woman, Nicole Scarpone said that she had entertained at this house before in her capacity of adult entertainer.

‘Defendant stated that she was dropped off over there and had been there before and performed sexual acts, but stated that she was not invited over there tonight and indicated that she just showed up to make some quick money,’ the police warrant affadavit read.

After she broke down the door she forced her way in and told the men she was owed $100, offering them sex for $10.

She was found guilty of burglary and prostitution, although it didn’t say what she stole…could it have been their virginity. Lol