Home Made Porn

By | March 26, 2009

At the weekend I decided to try and preserve our one surviving porn video, yes that’s VIDEO as in VHS, by capturing it to MPEG format.

Years ago I bought a TV card with recording facility for one of our PCs, but since then the PCs have been moved around and chopped about. The TV card was left out of the current PCs and has been skulking in a drawer for about two years.

I fished the card and its driver disk out and installed it on my old PC. It couldn’t go in my new one as it’s Vista and the drivers haven’t a hope in hell of working with it. But then again Vista drivers don’t work that well with Vista! LOL

I also had to locate our video recorder, yes remember them? After 45 minutes of twiddling, tuning and installing (yes UHF leads) I was able to start the capture. I left the video running and got on with something else.

When I returned I was rather disappointed to find the software had crashed with a cryptic and totally useless error and not a trace of the video was saved to disk. I shut the PC down and harrumphed off.

Then it occurred to me! The PC had probably run out of hard disk space. We are so used to multi-gig files now that I forgot my old PC has a disk just about big enough to hold a shopping list.

So some careful housekeeping of the existing disk and a second drive might be in order.

It’s amazing the lengths people go to just to watch porn. However I justify this as a conservation effort. Preserving classic porn for future generations 😛

Imagine the storage requirements for 3D holographic porn, or porn with AI.

But then again, with all this HD video and surround sound, plus interactive features are we losing something?

There’s a certain pleasure to be gained from watching a low quality recording of a dirty movie. It harks back to the time when porn was strictly illegal, and a little later when it was only available in certain cinemas that smelt funny and had sticky carpets.

Part of the enjoyment to be had from porn is the feeling that you’re doing something wrong, something clandestine, something that you shouldn’t be doing.

Porn nostalgia, that’s something you don’t see written about very often.