It’s All In The Nipples

By | March 27, 2009

Stacy StoneI love womens breasts in all shapes and sizes. No, that’s not strictly true. I love all womens breasts if they are natural. And for some reason I like them to have an ample sized areola too, one which is proportionate to the size of the breast.

For some reason I also favour the darker, more erring towards pink/brown areola. I like a nice firm nipple too, one which can be teased and teased with my teeth. I’m not in to puffy nipples, they just don’t do it form me on any level.

As a teenager I had inverted nipples and it wasn’t until I got myself a boyfriend that they changed. All the attention and sucking that they got must have coaxed them out and they haven’t hidden away since.

One thing I haven’t seen before is something I came across in one of our latest porn DVD’s. It features a rather stunning naturally large breasted brunette. She had been carefully filmed in the opening minutes from feet upwards so you could only see the underside of her breasts and the nipple.

As the scene progressed the cameraman endeavoured to film her from below or from her right. And in a few fleeting scenes I spotted why. She appears to have a double nipple on her left breast. Or she could have had an infected duct in her areola but it looked quite large and very much inline with her natural nipple.

I looked up Stacy Stone online and she is a 22 year old Czech girl with a 36C, 26, 36 figure. Although she looks to be larger in the breast department, perhaps the data is old.

Does anyone out there know if she has an extra nipple, obviously her photographs could have been Photoshopped but it is a little more difficult with video. It would be interesting to know and would certainly make her even more intriguing. 😉