Driving It Home…

By | April 13, 2007

The weather in the UK had taken an amazing turn this past weekend.  It’s the first time I can remember Easter being so warm and dry.  Out came the summer skirts and t-shirts and it feels good to let some air get to my bits and pieces.  🙂

As I drove to work with the sun blazing through the windscreen I felt lifted and full of the joys of…well, sex really.  The warm weather makes me even more randy than usual.  Alex you better watch out.  😉

I took to looking around at the local talent as I drove in and watching people in their cars as they hurry along to work or just get in the bloody way!  Why is it that people who don’t work have to jump in their cars at peak times and drive slowly.  Not just slowly but in front of me.  It’s just like Saturday morning at the supermarket, these people have all week to do their shopping but when do they choose to do it, at peak time.

Sorry about that, I just went off on one.  Lol.  So I’m looking around and observing people, the guy with his finger up his nose who doesn’t seem to realise that we can all see him through glass.  And the girl trying to put her makeup on whilst driving!

But what interested me most was guys’ driving styles.  I began to wonder if there was some correlation between the way they drive and the way they behave between the sheets.  See what you think…

The Tailer – he hangs around in the offside lane, only just visible in your rear view mirror.  He matches your speed exactly and just sits there, not overtaking but being a hazard should you want to pull out to overtake a slow moving vehicle ahead.

He won’t commit to overtake you and is indecisive, covering all options.  Probably a sub who needs to be guided by his female, told what to do and how to do it.  Likes the girl to take control and make the decisions.

The Lane Weaver –  This guy is such a chancer, he can’t make his mind up what he wants jumping in to one lane then another.

He probably likes to dip in to both holes just like a porn star.  First anal then pussy, then anal…you get the idea.  Never sticking with entrance long enough to enjoy it.

The Tailgator –  You’ve all encountered him.  He pulls right up to your bumper, so close you can see his nasal hair.  Lol 

This guy likes to take you from behind, probably an anal man.  He likes to dominate his woman and ram it home good and hard.

The Pimper – This guy is usually young (or wishes he was).  With his double exhausted noise bucket, loud music and peaked cap.  He can barely see over the steering wheel and has to wear a hat to give him those vital mm’s of height.

This guy is suffering from little cock syndrome.  I’m not saying that having a small cock is a problem but to him it is because his car is now compensating for his lack of manhood.  Big exhausts, which look to me like baked bean tins welded to the rear of the car.  Now what are they saying?  I’m sure it’s not just me.

Loud music blasting out, vying for everyone’s attention because if you met this guy out of his pimped up ride you wouldn’t give him a second look, in fact you would probably trip over him if you were my height.  Lol

The Lane Hog – He gets in to the offside lane and nothing is going to move him.  There may be a long line of traffic building behind him but he doesn’t care.  Because he is quite content in his lane thank you very much.  🙂

He know what he likes and sticks with it, no room for experimentation between the sheets here girls.  Once he gets his motor running he just sticks it in drive and goes along for the ride.  Don’t expect anything other than missionary with him, to him there is no other position.

The CruiserAka Mr Smooth.  You know the type, one arm on the wheel the other resting on the door.  He does it with one hand and thinks he looks so cool! 

Any girl lucky enough to get off with him will need to put some work in.  He may have his arm behind his head as he fucks you, watching himself in the mirror over the bed.

You won’t be his first and you certainly won’t be his last…tonight.

There are plenty of “Chicks” just waiting to get their hands on him.  NOT!