Getting High And Getting Down- When A Blow Job Isn’t Enough

By | March 27, 2009

If I hadn’t seen this story on a number of sites it would have gone down as just another urban legend. I mean it’s bad enough that anyone would be stupid enough to try the vacuum cleaner trick in the privacy of their own home – but in public and using a piece of equipment that’s been used to suck up goodness knows what from the floor of cars?

In all seriousness it does highlight the dangers of drugs and getting amorous when you’re not in total control of your senses. Who would engage in this sort of behaviour if they weren’t out of their tree?

It’s like getting too drunk in situations where you might engage in sexual activities with someone and regret it when you sober up. Have fun but know when enough is enough.

The guy in question is regretting his actions in all sorts of ways. The acute embarrassment it is now causing him means he’s locked himself away, unable to look for work.

In the words of the 1980s UK anti-drugs campaign “Just Say No!” (to vacuum cleaner sex).