Politicians Browsing Porn

By | March 28, 2009

The Sport NewspaperMPs Internet Access Limited

It’s been reported that the members of the English Parliament are being closely monitored in their Internet usage and even blocked from some sites by the House Of Commons IT system. Their web browsing history is being stored as it would be for all businesses and their access to specific websites blocked by a page that refers them to the Commons Authorities if they wish to be granted access.

MPs are also being warned to be careful of the content of their email conversations too, in case they might be construed as offensive.

In one way it’s all pretty obvious stuff, just like any commercial organisation a public body such as the houses of parliament has a duty of care to ensure its members follow sensible browsing and email habits.

It is however quite amusing on two counts. I often feel that the members of the lower house haven’t got a clue what the people in the country are doing, or what their opinions are so blocking sites could be dangerous. It’s also amusing that one of the sites that was blocked was The Sport newspaper; A tabloid that specialises in salacious headlines and a high nipple count (they coined that phrase, not me).

And why is that an issue? Well Lembit Opik, who got involved with half of the Cheeky girls last year, writes a column for The Sport newspaper and couldn’t read it. LOL

One final note, Lembit and The Sport have now started a “campaign” to encourage the Houses of Parliament to unblock MPs’ access to the site.